Cartridge Size Chart, Colors and Recommendations

(1 + 3/32″ diameter) (28mm)

For Older Flexite Injection System:
(Small – 1.5 Inches), (Medium – 2.5 Inches), (Large – 3.5 Inches)

(1″ diameter) (25mm)

For New Flexite Model F-3 Injection System, Valplast, TCS, Dentsply-FRS, Flex-Star, Meyerson, Inductor-KFT, CFS, GFM, Etc.
(Small – 1.75 Inches), (Med – 2.75 Inches), (Large – 4 Inches), (Extra Large – 4.75 Inches)

(7/8″ diameter) (21.7 mm)

For Flexiplast & Polypress Injection Systems, Dental D, and Pressing J-100 & J-200
(16 Gram-Medium – 3.5 Inches)

Flexite Colors:

Flexite Supreme-N:

Cast Like Allergy Free Crystaline Nylon Plastic for Partials and Full Dentures
Dark Pink, Light Pink, Ethnic Brown, Clear

Flexite Plus:

Unbreakable Flexible Nylon Thermoplastic for Partials
Dark Pink, Light Pink, Translucent Pink, Ethnic Brown, Ethnic Purple, Coe Ethnic Moderate.

Flexite MP Clear:

For TMJ’s, Bruxism Appliances and Anti Snoring Devices
Crystal Clear Multi Polymer Acrylic

Flexite MP:

For Full Dentures (Cold Cure Repairable in the Dentist Office)
Pink, Lucitone Pink, Coe Brown Ethnic – A Multi Polymer Acrylic


Small Cartridges: Nesbits and Additions.
Medium Cartridges: For Most Partials, TMJ’s, Bruxism, and Anti Snoring Devices.
Large Cartridges: For Lower Full Dentures, Partials with Large Vertical Openings and Multiple Saddles.
X-Large Cartridges: For Upper Full Dentures when using 1″ diameter (25mm) cartridges