Cartridge Size Chart, Colors and Recommendations

(1 + 3/32″ diameter) (28mm)

For Older Flexite Injection System:
(Small – 1.5 Inches), (Medium – 2.5 Inches), (Large – 3.5 Inches), (Extra Large – 4.5 Inches)

(1″ diameter) (25mm)

For New Flexite Model F-3 Injection System, Valplast, TCS, Dentsply-FRS, Flex-Star, Talladium, Meyerson, Inductor-KFT, CFS, GFM, Flexifast, Etc.
(Small – 1.75 Inches), (Med – 2.75 Inches), (Large – 4 Inches), (Extra Large – 4.75 Inches)

(7/8″ diameter) (21.7 mm)

For Flexiplast & Polypress Injection Systems, Dental D, and Pressing J-100 & J-200
(9 Gram-Small – 2 inches), (16 Gram-Medium – 3.5 Inches), (20 Gram-Large – 4.5 Inches)

Flexite Colors:

Flexite T-Val:  New!

A Very Flexible Polyolefin Thermoplastic for Partials. Super Translucent – Blends nicely with your natural gums – Clinically Unbreakable – Easy to Trim – Will not gum up hand piece – Odor Free – No Moisture Absorption – Easy to Adjust – Stays clean longer than nylon plastics.  So Light and Comfortable it floats in water.  Light Pink, Pink, Dark Pink (No Vein Formulas), Light Pink Vein, Pink Vein and Natural.

Flexite Acetal:

For Provisional splints, Cosmetic Veneers and Combination cases. (Mechanical Retention Required)
A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B3, C2, D2, D4, Bleached Shades OM1, OM2, OM3

Flexite MP Clear:

For TMJ’s, Bruxism Appliances and Anti Snoring Devices
Crystal Clear Multi Polymer Acrylic

Flexite MP:

For Full Dentures (Cold Cure Repairable – Chairside in Dentist Office)
Pink, Lucitone Pink, Coe Brown Ethnic

Flexite Plus:

Unbreakable Flexible Nylon Thermoplastic for Partials
Dark Pink, Light Pink, Translucent Pink, Ethnic Brown, Coe Ethnic Moderate, Purple Hue Maharry

Flexite Supreme:

Cast Like Nylon Plastic for Partials
Dark Pink, Light Pink, Ethnic Brown, Coe 22 Ethnic, Natural

Flexite Ultra:

Allergy Free Nylon Thermoplastic for Full Dentures
Clear, Light Pink and Dark Pink

Flexite Guard:

Soft Rubber – Elastomer Plastic for Sports Mouth Guards
Pink, Blue, and Natural Colors


Small Cartridges: Nesbits and Additions.
Medium Cartridges: For Most Partials, TMJ’s, Bruxism, and Anti Snoring Devices.
Large Cartridges: For Lower Full Dentures, Partials with Large Vertical Openings and Multiple Saddles.
X-Large Cartridges: For Upper Full Dentures when using 1″ diameter (25mm) cartridges