About Us

With Flexite you have a choice of many different allergy-free thermoplastics. Our competitors have only one or two types of plastic.  We give you a choice to select the best plastic for your application. We do not believe one type of plastic should be used for fabricating everything.  A variety of different thermoplastics are used for Partials, Dentures, TMJs, Bruxism, Sleep Apnea-Anti Snoring Devices, Snap on Cosmetic Veneers, Provisional Splints, Mouth Guards etc. Each application requires a slightly different type of thermoplastic to do the job correctly. That is why Flexite developed different types of thermoplastics.  Most of our competitors use the same plastic for everything because they don’t offer the variety of thermoplastics like The Flexite Company. Don’t settle for less. Use the best thermoplastic for your application.

Flexite is safe, bio-compatible, allergy free and contains no BPAs or other harmful chemicals.

Flexite uses only the highest quality medical grade thermoplastics.