Flexite Flexible Partial Imitation Note

Two women complained of a burning sensation while wearing partials thought to be made of Flexite.

The patients confronted the Dentist and called the Flexite Company to report the problem.

We knew the partials could not have been made from our Flexite thermoplastic. Flexite has the highest safety rating from The Clifford Consulting and Research Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. Clifford is an independent laboratory that test patients for allergic reactions to dental materials.

We confronted the Dental Laboratory who made these partials and found out that another brand thermoplastic was substituted in place of Flexite. The patient had requested Flexite with the dentist but was given an inferior knockoff product.

This is an on going problem in our dental industry that we want everyone to be aware of. If you think you have been given a substitute for Genuine Flexite please contact our Company so we can investigate your situation.

Flexite is a very safe product that is thoroughly tested. Flexite conducted safety and leaching tests at Johns Hopkins University that proved Flexite an extremely safe product. There are NO BPA’s or other harmful chemicals in Flexite.

Flexite is a 56 year old company and a leader in the dental industry.

US Dental Depot is no longer an authorized Flexite distributor. US Dental Depot is illegally using the Flexite name and logo. To be sure you are receiving genuine Flexite please contact The Flexite Company for the name of a distributor in your area.

Call Toll Free 1-866-FLEXITE.

Flexite, “The Unique Thermoplastic” is a USA registered trademark licensed under our parent company, Rapid Injection Systems Corp.
The use of the Flexite name, for dentistry, requires authorization from Flexite- Rapid Injection Systems Corporation.