Flexite Information

Flexite thermoplastics are selected only from plastics that are medical grade and meet the USP Pharmacopeia standards.  Flexite thermoplastics are safe, bio-compatible, biologically inert and meets leaching requirements for colorants.

Each stage of our production is documented from the time we receive the raw plastic to the completed order ready for shipping according to the Quality Assurance Programs.

Flexite thermoplastics are monomer free resins that do not require two components like conventional plastics. Conventional dental acrylics require a monomer and powder. Many patients are allergic to the toxic monomers and would not be able to wear dentures were it not for the introduction of our Flexite thermoplastics to the dental community.

Each thermoplastic has its own characteristic, some being slightly flexible and others imparting greater flexibility. Some are rigid and semi rigid. Some are transparent and some are opaque. Each fulfill a different need in dentistry.

Our Nylon thermoplastics, recommended for removable partials, have flexibility and proportional limits equivalent to metals used in dentistry. They are lighter and more comfortable for the patient. Tests were performed by the Faculty of Dentistry and faculty of Engineering, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alta, Canada and Flexite proportional limits were equivalent to precious metal wire.

Available upon request: The Proportional Limits tests performed at the University of Alberta, Alta Canada.

The Clifford Institute is an independent laboratory that tests allergy prone patients. The Clifford Institute gave Flexite a 99% percentile rating for safety and bio-compatibility. This is Clifford Institutes highest rating.

Leaching Safety Tests were performed by Dr. Emanuel Horowitz of Johns Hopkins University. The results of these tests proved our Flexite plastics to be free from any harmful metals that could affect the human body.

Clifford Institute Report on Flexite (Click Here To Download)

Leaching Test Report on Flexite (Click Here To Download)