Flexite History

The Flexite Company originated in 1962. Jules Goffin and Sol Soroca were partners and owners of The Northern Dental Laboratory. Research began on an injection system and thermoplastics. At that time, all injection systems were built with a single heating chamber. By creating portable injection chambers and using an oven specifically suited for heating several cartridges at a time, we were able to increase lab production and have an advantage over our competitors. We decided to call our new company ” Rapid Injection Systems”. To this day many of our larger laboratories prefer our original multiple injection system. In 1993 we changed our name to “The Flexite Company” because our dental plastics are known as Flexite Plus, Flexite Supreme, Flexite M.P. etc. Customers would call our office and ask if this is The Flexite Company? The next question would be, why is your company named Rapid Injection Systems when your product is called Flexite? To simplify matters The Flexite Company is now a division of Rapid Injection Systems Corp.

Jules Goffin died in 1972 and Sol Soroca became the sole owner of the company. Sol left the laboratory business in 1986 to devote full time to Rapid Injection Systems. Sol developed our present line of plastics and patented prefabricated tooth colored Flexite Supreme clasps (Claspe-Eze). He made it possible to add to and reline nylon plastics known as “Flexible partials”. He has given seminars in Japan, Taiwan and taught hundreds of technicians worldwide. Sol developed a Jiffy Surveyor instrument that he gave to technicians who attended our Flexite seminars.

Lee Soroca joined the company in 1992.  Lee became general operations manager and supervised business operations, purchasing, advertising-marketing, quality control, computer systems, and engineering aspects of our company.  After Sol Soroca’s passing in 2014 Lee Soroca became President of The Flexite Company.

Flexite technical seminars were sanctioned by The National Association of Dental Laboratories. Priority was given to designing, surveying and fabricating partial and full dentures. Also included in our instruction was the procedures to fabricate TMJ’s, Bruxism, and Anti-snoring devices.

Our company has been serving the dental community for over sixty years and is well known for innovation, integrity, dependability and technical service.

The Flexite Company prides itself with the most extensive line of plastics for removable prosthetics.  Flexite thermoplastics.

Sol Soroca continued to teach Flexite seminars up until October 2013. On February 7, 2014 Sol Soroca passed away at the age of 90. Sol’s love of dentistry, his total devotion to his Flexite family and friends, made Sol a very special person. He was loved by everyone that knew him and spent time with him. Sol was not only talented, but he was a very kind and generous person.

Sol Soroca (C.D.T.) founded the Flexite Company which today is well known throughout the dental world. Sol Soroca pioneered the thermoplastic injection process for removable prosthetics. This includes partials, dentures, TMJ’s, bruxism, anti-snoring devices, clip on cosmetic veneers, provisional and combination cases. His time saving techniques and ideas are used by laboratories all over the world. Sol Soroca is known for his superior skills in partial denture design. Sol had over 46 years of knowledge acquired as a successful proprietor of a large full service dental laboratory and then another 25 years teaching and nurturing The Flexite Company. For over 71 years Sol Soroca dedicated his life to the betterment of removable prosthetics. Sol loved his work dearly and he loved teaching thousands of dental technicians from all over the world. Sol considered every technician he taught to be a part of the Flexite family.

His son, Lee Soroca, now president, continues to run the Flexite Company in the same traditional courteous manner his father initiated many years ago, with superb personal service and prompt attention to all customers.  Everyone at The Flexite Company is very thankful to Sol Soroca for nurturing such a wonderful company. Every day we honor our past president and friend, Sol Soroca. Thank you Sol for your love and dedication to Flexite. We miss you greatly but you have taught us well so we now continue the Flexite legacy.

My Executive Secretary, Irene Porcelli, is one amazing lady.  She has been office manager at The Flexite Company for over 20 years.  Her dedication to Flexite has been a blessing to our company and our Flexite customers.  On December 3, 2018 Irene started treatment for a cancerous brain tumor at Winthrop University Hospital in Mineola, NY.  Unfortunately, our love and prayers for a quick recovery was not enough to save Irene. On September 12, 2019 Irene passed away. She is now resting peacefully with the lord in heaven. We miss you Irene. God Bless. Rest in Peace.

Technical questions will continue to be answered promptly by yours truly, me.  Email your orders and questions to flexite@aol.com.  You can also leave a message on our phone machine which is checked throughout the day: 516-746-2622.


Lee Soroca – President