Why Dentists Prefer Flexite Plus

Flexite Plus is a Medical Grade Thermoplastic and contains No BPA’s.

Flexite Plus is Easier To Finish And Polish than other brand thermoplastics.

Flexite Plus is FDA Registered.

Flexite Plus is UNBREAKABLE.

Flexite Plus is FLEXIBLE.

Flexite Plus Can Be Added To and Relined by your dentist.

Flexite Plus is Color Stable. Stains are Easily Removed By Pumicing.

Four Pink Colors: Light Pink, Dark Pink, Translucent Pink and Con Translucent Pink.

Three Ethnic Shades: Ethnic Brown, Ethnic Purple and Coe Ethnic Moderate.

Flexite has More Color Choices than other brands.

Superior Customer Service with Flexite.

Flexite Plus Polishes to a Higher Luster than other brand thermoplastics.

Flexite Plus Stays Cleaner Longer than other brands too.