Flexite Polishing Tips


1. Achieve smoothest finish possible with conventional burs, rubber wheels etc.

2. Go to your normal polish step with wet coarse pumice and rag wheel (high or low speed)

3. Clean off coarse pumice from appliance, then use wet Resilience pumice or Acrylux 1000 pumice or substitute pumice on rag wheel. (high or low speed)

4. Clean and dry appliance, then use Tripoli polish with dry rag wheel.
(high or low speed)

5. Now use wet B-20 brush wheel or similar wheel and go over all the surfaces. Keep appliance wet continuously. (high speed)

6. Lightly apply Flexi-Brite polish with a dry Flexi-Brite rag wheel to obtain final luster. (high or low speed)
A special 3 inch rag wheel comes with our Flexi-Brite polish and is available from The Flexite Company.

7. Results will vary with applied pressure on each step.

8. It is best to practice to achieve individual technique success.