Do You Know Where Your Partial Dentures Come From?

Sol Soroca Picture
Sol Soroca – C.D.T.  Former Flexite President

When I was a youngster and our country began to trade with Japan, it was common to hear that anything made in Japan was of inferior quality and the butt of many jokes. Today Japan stands with any nation for delivering quality products.

China is another story. Sadly, it too has become the butt of many jokes, but it has a long way to go to reach the “Quality Products Level”. Today, too many products are dangerously below standards, including medical, dental and material products that are known as “Knockoffs”.

You are better off paying a little bit more knowing your product is FDA registered and meets the highest standards bestowed upon a company. Clifford Institute & Research is a well known allergy testing Institute in the USA. Clifford has given our Flexite plastics their top 99 percentile rating for biocompatibility and safety.

Flexite has been providing top quality plastics for over 59 years. Flexite plastics are FDA registered. In this litigious world it should be comforting to know you are using top rated plastics for your partials, dentures, tmj’s and bruxism appliances. Flexite is lead free, BPA free, biocompatible and safe.